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Camp with a large group, Shuttle to Sherwood, and stash your belongings

PUBLISHED: January 27, 2023
Group Camping, Shuttles, and Lockers (with charging!) are On Sale now! For those looking to camp with a large group (or to stay with Her Forest or Camp Traction), take a Shuttle to Sherwood, or for a place to store their belongings, read below for more details.

Electric Forest Group Camping is the best way for large groups to secure a guaranteed camping spot together in the GA Campgrounds. Please note that Group Camping space is limited and is expected to sell out quickly. Each member of the Forest Family who would like to join a GA Group Camp must also have a GA Camping Wristband to access the festival. Her Forest Women’s Group Camp is a designated space for connection, creation, and community building among Forest Family women. Camp Traction's primary purpose is to provide an empowering home base for those who would like to participate in a clean and sober experience.

While planning the journey to The Forest, consider taking an Official Electric Forest Shuttle! Not only is it a sustainable way to travel to Rothbury, it’s also a great way to meet new Forest Family, and get complimentary Wednesday Early Arrival. Shuttles will leave from Muskegon, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Philadelphia, Columbus, and New York.

Reserve a locker to stash personal items each day in a safe, secure, and convenient location with unlimited access during festival hours. Locker rentals will be located in the Ranch Arena Lobby. Reserve one today to guarantee a stash spot.

See you in The Forest!